Treehouses: Backyard Hideaway for All Ages

Treehouse Builders in Memphis TNFor most adults, treehouses are a fond childhood memory. You knew a kid down the street with one; probably you dreamt of having your own to take refuge in on hot summer days. The image that comes to mind is probably a ragtag one: cockeyed 2x4s thrown together to house a dusty old rug, battery-powered lamp, and maybe a small table. In reality, a treehouse can be much more than a vague memory and a prime example of shoddy construction.

Why a treehouse?

Treehouse Builders in Memphis TNSo, what does a treehouse mean today? As an adult with kids, the answer’s obvious; kids love them. Great fun’s to be had on lazy afternoons--the kind that can only be had in the unique aura of an elevated structure. There’s even more appeal beyond that, though. Many modern treehouse designs look great and perfectly complement a well-cut lawn. Modern, straight plans can be made using some of the same construction techniques as more classic styles. This’ll give you something that looks like it took much more time and effort to build than it actually did. Who doesn’t want that?
With a plan that allows for a little more headroom, you can build something that’s fun for adults as well. Maybe it’s a nice relaxation spot, fit with a few deck chairs and a window that catches the sun just so. With enough room for a few chairs, the entertaining and leisure possibilities are huge. 


There are two ways to go about making that epic treehouse a reality:

Treehouse Builders in Memphis TN 1. Start Googling now. Find plans that might work, scrap those plans, find other plans that might work, then scrap those plans. Once you've finally found plans that seem like they'll work with your yard, rent a truck, head to the hardware store, and load up on materials. You might need to enlist a few friends to help, and while you're at it, keep them around. Building will take several friends and several days, if not weeks, and you'll probably never feel 100% about the soundness of your structure, if you know what I mean. Add a dusty old rug, battery-powered lamp, and tiny table, and you're done!

2. Call Red's Tree Service, share your dream treehouse, and let us take it from there! Enjoy your oasis. 
Whether it be a replica of an after-school hangout or a more modern design, building a treehouse can be a worthwhile venture. It can be arranged to house whatever you need, no matter your age. 
If you’re dreaming about a treehouse, give us a call at (901) 848-5323.

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