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Spring has sprung and trees are flowering throughout the Mid-South. As we make our ways outside, you may start to notice a few eyesores around your neighborhood! Don't be one of them!

You're probably well through your spring cleaning checklist, but have you thought about what needs to be done outside? Old leaves, weeds, and dead roots can prevent your yard from flourishing and can be unsightly for your curb appeal.

Below are a few of our tried and true outdoor care spring cleaning tips from our Memphis tree care experts.

Pack up those leaves!

If you missed raking up the leaves as they fell during the crisp and cool fall season, now is the time to clear your yard! Leaves that have been left on your grass that have been matted down by snow and ice, have trouble drying out throughout the winter. Failing to clear these leaves may prevent your grass from growing and block powerful sun rays that help to revitalize your yard. Bag the leaves up and you will see your yard spring to life!

Clear the gardens!

Do you have flower beds that have been overgrown since last summer? Pulling weeds or treating them is the simplest and most effective way to boost your yard's beauty. While you're there, monitor what plants have come back and where you may need to replace.
Additionally, aerating your mulch, wood chip or garden bedding will keep it looking fresh. If needed, add new mix in to replace old, or lackluster bedding for a crisp look.

Out with the old!

Have a shrub that didn't survive the winter weather? Noticing a few plants that are lifeless and not blooming? Removing these plants from your overall landscape will keep fresh nutrients flowing through to the plants that are thriving and will eliminate the dead plants from spreading harmful disease and keep pests away from the breathing plants.

Don't Forget the Trees!

Pruning your trees is vital for their survival. Whether clearing out simply for appeal and aesthetic, removing dead limbs, or allowing more sunlight to filter through, pruning is an essential spring cleaning step.

Additionally, fully removing roots of dead or infested trees is important for the survival of other plants in your yard. If you notice a tree that seems to be suffering but are still hopeful for recovery, deep root fertilization may be just the ticket to bringing your tree back to life. During the process, vital nutrients are added back to the soil that can reinvigorate the tree and promote absorption from the tree that may otherwise be under stress.

If you believe your trees need attention this season, contact Red's Tree Service. Our tree specialists can diagnose quote and treat your trees keeping them healthy and valuable to your yard. To learn more contact our Memphis tree care team.

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